Hot Air Ballooning


The landscape in Cappadocia is just awsome, perfect for ballooning. It has been one of the most famious excursions to do in Cappadocia, a must. Hot air Balloon flights are done early in the morning starting at 6:00 o’clock. You are picked from your hotel, taken to the take off area, offered some snack and hot drinks while watching them get ready for flying. Getting on the basket, the flight takes about 1 hour on the air. ( Standart flight, which is quite enough ) After landing you are offered champain and delivered flight certificates. Then at around 8:00 and 8:30 you will be transfered back to hotel. *After ballooning you have quite enough time to have your breakfast at the hotel and get ready for one of the tours that starts at 9:30.

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Cappadocia Ballon Tours


Do You Have span Any Questions

  • What time do we take off ?

    Depends of the weather conditions we take off before the sunrise.

  • Can I fly if I am pregnant?

    You are not permitted to fly with us if you are more than 2 months pregnant.

  • Do you allow the children to do balloon flight?

    Unfortunately, we do not allow younger than 6 years old children.They can get a little bored and uncomfortable during an hour flight in the same place. Also they may afraid from the sound of the burners.

  • What should i wear?

    You should wear whatever you feel comfortable in. There is really no need to dress up. You should wear the type of clothing that you would expect to wear if you be going for a walk the day of the flight. A light jacket is sometimes comfortable in the fall or early spring.

  • How long does a balloon flight last?

    Depends on the type of flight. TURKEY FLIGHT approx. 1 hour. CAPPADOCIA FLIGHT lasts approx.1 hour. GOREME FLIGHT lasts approx. 1 hour 30 Min. TAILOR MADE FLIGHT lasts approx. 1 hour 30 min.

  • Who controls ballooning and ensures safety standards?

    The Federal Aviation Administration controls ballooning with the same strict regulations that apply to airplanes.

  • What are the best conditions for a balloon flight?

    The balloons fly better in cooler weather, since the hot air gives it a better "lift." Balloonists usually fly just after dawn or before dusk because there is less wind.

  • Will we take off before sunrise?

    We usually take off with the sun, the perfect time of day to take great photos and videos of the valleys and the lunar landscape and, of course, other balloons in the air. Some flights must take off after the sun rises due to weather conditions.